Streaming content such as Live TV, movies, or series is popular nowadays, however, finding the best OTT video player you can use to stream your content can be a difficult task. This is because there are so many OTT video players in the market each designed with different features. In this post, we have picked the Smarters Pro player for you and explained why it could be your ultimate entertainment solution. Smarters Pro is an OTT video player that you can use to stream your favorite content including movies, series, or Live TV. 


Smarters Pro is not just another regular video player, it is an OTT player pro that can be downloaded and used across different devices and platforms. Smarters Pro is a flexible platform that serves a diverse user base on various devices and platforms, making it more than simply another video player. Whether you use Android TV, Apple TV, MacOS, or iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, Smarters Pro offers solutions to meet your needs. You can easily stream your favorite content whenever and wherever you choose thanks to its compatibility with different platforms. This flexibility is mostly convenient for those who would like to stream their content away from home.

The Smarters Pro is also compatible with different playlists including:

  • M3U Playlist / URL
  • 1-Stream Panel API
  • Player-Based Playlist 

If you are using an iOS device you can login using Xtream code or 1-Stream panel. Web TV, iPhone, and iPad users can log in using all three ways namely: Xtream codes, M3U Playlist/Url, and 1-Stream panel. Apple TV users can log in with Xtream code, but if you have Android TV you can use Xtream code only to log in to the Smarters app.

User Interface

Another thing that really sets Smarters Pro apart is its impressive feature set that enhances your streaming experience to a whole new level. Let’s explore some of the key features that make Smarters Pro the ultimate entertainment solution:

  • Support for Streaming Movies and TV Series

Smarters Pro gives you more streaming options than simply live television. Whether you want to spend hours streaming your favorite series or enjoying a movie, Smarters player Pro is the perfect solution. The players make it easy for you to stream your favorite content without interruption, making it your ultimate entertainment solution.

  • Parental Control
    It is important for parents to make sure their children stream and watch safe content. You can customize content accessibility based on age ratings or other specified criteria with Smarters Pro’s integrated parental control feature. This feature provides you peace of mind as your children watch their favorite shows.

  • Support for Multiple Playlist
    The days of being limited to one playlist are long gone. You can stream on several devices at once with the Smarters app since it gives you the flexibility to make and manage various playlists. Smarters Pro has you covered whether you’re managing multiple genres or different viewing tastes in your home.
  • Add to Favorites
    Everybody has a favorite series and movies that they like watching again and again. You can easily revisit your favorite entertainment whenever the mood strikes by keeping your favorites close at hand with Smarters Pro’s “Add to Favorites” option. You may create your own library by clicking once, making sure that the information you love the most is always close at hand. Smarters Pro’s user-friendly “Add to Favorites” feature allows you to enjoy ease and ensure that you never miss a moment of your favorite entertainment.


Smarters Pro emerges as the ultimate entertainment solution for modern-day consumers. It stands out from the competition thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of platforms and devices and its abundance of features that are intended to improve your streaming experience. Smarters Pro checks all the boxes for anyone who enjoys movies, and TV shows or is a worried parent searching for a dependable and safe streaming service for their family. Therefore, instead of settling for regular video players, use Smarters Pro to enhance your streaming experience.