OTT players are video players that allow end users to stream series, movies, and Live TV. These players are used to stream content from OTT platforms which have become very popular because they offer a more flexible and convenient way of watching content online. OTT players are designed with features that improve users’ viewing experience. In this post, we look at why OTT players are winning the entertainment industry with a focus on their features.

Support Movies, Live TV, and Series Streaming

OTT players such as the Smarters OTT player can be used to easily stream Live TV, movies, and series. If you would like to watch a specific movie for example, the player will allow you to search and stream. It is important to note that the player does not provide or sell any content, you can only use it to stream and player content provided by the platform you subscribed to. 

Ensuring a Safe Entertainment Space with Parental Control

Today, people of all ages and groups can go online for entertaining content. However, when it comes to children, it is important to limit what they can access and stream. A live streaming player such as the Smarters Pro is designed with a unique parental control feature that allows parents or adults to restrict their children from streaming adult-rated content. This is a big win because it makes entertainment safe for children’s development.

Multiple Playlists for Streaming Freedom

OTT players can let you create several playlists. This feature enables users to customize their own live streaming experience. For example, they can create playlists for epic series, movies, and nature documentaries, it all depends on their moods and tastes. Multiple playlists have made it easier for end users to discover new content and enjoy them.

Personalized Streaming Experiences with a customized app

OTT services or developers such as the WHMCS SMARTERS empower OTT businesses to differentiate themselves from the market and offer their customers a memorable user experience. For example, OTT businesses can now get a customized player app that reflects their brand’s identity and value. This helps improve brand loyalty and recognition.

Bookmark your content with Add to Favorite Feature

The developers of OTT players such as Smarters OTT player, know that we have favorite content that we would like to watch over and over again. They have created an “add to favorite feature” So that each time you come across a favorite movie or series on your platform you can simply add it to your favorite content list. This makes it easy for you to quickly access the content just in case you want to stream it again.

Improving brand value

OTT businesses have experienced a major boost in their brands because of OTT players. OTT businesses deal in buying content from providers and selling them to users for profit. These businesses are now able to get customized OTT player apps from high-end developers such as WHMCS SMARTERS who are popular for developing the Smarters Pro Player. This developing company can customize the IPTV Smarters Pro player to fit the needs of different OTT services or businesses. This is a big win for OTT services since they can provide their users with a unique entertainment experience that will also make their brand stand out.


OTT players have changed the entertainment industry with their innovative features which have made streaming experience more enjoyable for all users. The features we have seen in this post are just a few that you can find on OTT players. As time goes by OTT players will continue to change and bring innovations to the entertainment industry.