Do you want to have an engaging and more enjoyable streaming experience? The Smarters Pro app is an amazing OTT player that is designed to provide you with premier entertainment. The app does not sell any content but is a video player that enhances your experience of streaming and watching Live TV, series, and movies on your subscribed platform.

The Smarters Pro is designed with a friendly user interface and features that can help you enjoy premier entertainment. Here are some of the things you can do and features you can use to experience the premium entertainment with Smarters Pro:

Download the app

You have to ensure you have the Smarters Pro app downloaded on your device. You can use the app if you have any of the following platforms or devices:

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • iPad
  • iPhone

From the above list, you can easily tell that Smarters Pro is an adaptable OTT player that can be used on various devices and platforms. Once you have downloaded the app on your device you enjoy the convenience of streaming your content.

Streaming and watching

The Smarters Pro player stands out in the market because it allows users to stream their content without interruption. Whether you like movies, series, or Live TV, you will be able to stream it on the Smarters Pro. Also, you are less likely to face any streaming issues because the app supports multiple playlists. Depending on the device or platform you are using, you can log into the Smarters Pro using any of the following playlists:

  • 1-Stream Panel API
  • Player-Based Playlist 
  • M3U Playlist / URL

To be more specific, you can use the Xtream code playlist to log in to Smarters Pro if your platform is Apple TV. If your platform is Android TV, you can log in using Xtream code only. Web TV, iPad, and iPhone users can log in in 3 ways above.

Discover new content

The Smarters online video player is the best for streaming because it enables you to discover the latest movies or series available on the platform that you can watch. If there is any new content, you will get push notifications suggesting them to you. It is also easy to find movies or series to stream as you can quickly use the search bar to find them based on keywords or genres. These features set Smarters Pro apart from other OTT players in the market that you have to scroll through to find what to stream.

Uninterrupted Streaming

Unlike other online video players, the Smarters Pro allows the streaming of content without freezing or buffering. This happens because the player can automatically adjust the screen buffer size to keep your content playing even where the internet speed is low. This feature ensures you get the premier entertainment that you are looking for.


Streaming content with Smarters Pro is more engaging and entertaining, this is because of the subtitle feature that helps you understand better what characters in your movie or series are talking about. Studies have shown that viewers enjoy content and understand them much better when they have subtitles.


The Smarters Pro player is an online video player that brings a new engaging experience for those who love online entertainment. This player is different from many others in the market given its features that help users discover premier entertainment. The player is compatible with many platforms and devices and you can use it to stream content without interruptions. It is also compatible with playlists and can help you discover new content to watch.